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YOUR TEA: Tiny Tea Teatox (14 days)*

Hi guys;),

I've searched long time to find a kind detoxing tea, which doesn't effects extremely weightloss and other side effects and finally I've escaped and seen on many other blogs and Instagram accounts the high recommended Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea:

This is a herbal blended tea, which  should nourish and clean your whole body and as well your digestive system! It replenishes and restores back your body to the natural state and should help to assist reducing weight (BUT you'll NOT reduce it by just drink it and not change your eat habits or doing sport!) as well as it should reduce bloating, increases digestion funictionalities and should clarify your skin/enhance your skin condition. 

View inside the Tiny Tea Teatox (14 days) paper box with the nice "Hello" message:

As well as Tiny Tea Teatox* should help you to refill and increase the own energy level as well as helps to alleviate issues, which has been associated with food intolerances and food sensitivity/allergies. The Ingredients formulated with Chinese medicine herbs and based upon Chinese medicine will cleanse and detox your body just with the herbal effects BUT doesn't produce a laxative effect!

Back of the box as well as the Ingredients - which Tiny Tea Teatox contains:

How many cups per day are required to achieve the best result?:

You should drink Tiny Tea Teatox 3 times per day (30 min. before or after meals), which means in the morning, midday and early evening.

Avoid to drink Tiny Tea Teatox with meals or late at night!

You could add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or honey - if you'll need it. I drink mine just plain without adding some sweetness or citrus flavor.

Using description:
Add 1 teabag (each contains 2.5g) in your beloved mug and fill it up with boiling water and leave the bag inside your mug for about 5-7 minutes.

How often "Tiny Tea Teatox" by Your Tea can be used after finished the 14th day Teatox?:

It can be used up to 56 days in a row (2 x 28 day TinyTeatoxes). After their official recommendation you should then take a 2 week break to let your body find the own rhythm again.


I'm a pretty heavy tea drinker (love each black tea, as well as I'm pretty tried out every fruit tea JUST not cherries - as I'm hating cherries;)) and was soo soo happy to get this amazing chance from the Your Tea UK Team to test out the 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox* on myself and let them as well as you know - how much this teatox helps me and my body and what I'm thinking about this kind of detox tea/teatox!;)

Well I've started to drink the Tiny Tea Teatox 4 days ago - so I'm pretty on the beginning and can just say or better write you;), that the scent after I've opened the paper box was really earthy and remind me a bit on our basement;)

As well as the taste of the first sip was pretty earthy, herbal and REALLY NOT my taste at all! BUT after I've took my 2nd and 3rd sip I've become a friend with the unique herbal taste and now I'm almost familiar with the taste - it's not my fav' kind of teas BUT as it's a healthier and detoxing it was clear, that it won't taste like my beloved fruit or black tea! 

To be honest now after I've got familiar with the taste I as well see, that it's a really refreshing and energizing tea! - I feel less tired or leached after a pretty long working day (as well as after swimming I'm pretty sure!;)) 

Another effects like less bloating or flat belly - I don't know, I've not really problems with my digestion  or bloating as well as I'm not having really problems with a flat belly BUT I can feel a kinda difference in my whole body  and especially as mentioned above the energy level climbs higher and my skin begins to get better - even on my VERY dry and eczema hands!

 Happy Sipping!;):

So yeah that's it for today - I'll let you know in the following days, what else I've escaped or what has changed after using it a bit longer.

Did you've tried out the Tiny Tea Teatox* by Your Tea until yet?! What are your meanings and opinions about this kind of cleansing tea?!

For more informations please feel free to inform yourself on their Your Tea Website - HERE!


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