Thursday, 31 March 2016


Hi everyone,

another post about body/facial care, which isn't harsh to your skin! In fact the de bee* balms (one for your face, one for your hands and one for using while having a cold/after a long flight/after fitness) contain beeswax, extra virgin oil and essential oils :

I use since 4-5 days the "Save your face"* unscented de bee beewax signature balm, which comes in a plastic jar and that makes it pretty hard to get some of the balm out of the packaging, but it helps if you use it after you've washed your hands and they are still warm, the heat from your hands helps a bit to melt the balms;) 

The result of my skin is better on some parts, which tend to be usually dry BUT I wouldn't recommend to use it on your whole face! As some of you have a t-zone for sure (me too to be honest;)) and the oily parts should not become more oily as they are already.

While I'm fighting still with dry and eczema hands, the "Hands to Heels"* balm with lavender oil helps to calm the hands a bit down, it's a scent which also helps to relax myself a bit (that helps in fact my hands, as eczema doesn't break out so often, if you don't have any stress!).

de bee has a great range of different beeswax signature balms, even lip balms (I'm trying some of them too - so keep reading my blog;)) and as they are focusing more on the high-quality ingredients and natural formulas of different products, they keep the packaging as simple as possible in a translucent jar or stick with a white closing and a modern logo/print.

The "Breathe Easy"* balm contains myrrh and eucalyptus, which is perfect for all who have a cold, flu, running nose, allergy - with running nose (but of course not a myrrh or eucalyptus allergy;)) and for a good sleep after a long travel/flight/walk.

I'm already fascinated especially about the "Save your face"* balm;)! 


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